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Booklet - Communities of Pará (?)


The research project appears linked to the expectation of giving more visibility to the way we relate to the neighborhood and the University. And it will be an instrument of political demands, a starting point for future agendas. It will serve for indigenous associations as a starting point for mapping other indigenous people who are located in other neighborhoods.



We hope to receive the booklets in the indigenous communities of the state of Pará, mainly in schools. The interesting thing about using the booklets is that students will learn about how indigenous students are related to the neighborhood (University). And also the indigenous university students at UFPA, who do not live in the neighborhood studied, will identify with this study.



The booklet is important because it allows information to arrive and be shared in indigenous communities. The active participation of indigenous students in the production of the booklet makes it possible to make it more understandable and effective in guiding its target audience. A booklet that can be simple, so the community will have a concrete understanding of the study we are looking for, with adaptations for a simple, non-technical language.

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