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GT Sistematização_Oficina Sistematização_02_créditos Edgar Kanaykõ.jpeg

Xakriabá youth and leaders during Community Monitoring works. June 2020. Credits: Edvaldo Xakriabá, 2021.

Young Xakriabá equipped to work in the Sanitary Barrier of the Community Monitoring .
Junho de 2020. Créditos: Edgar Kanaykõ


Workshop of Systematisation of the Monitoring and Production of Materials' Experiences

This workshop was created because of the need to organize the information produced by the Xakriabá Community Monitoring, a process supported by the UFMG-IFNMG/UFPA/Univ of Sheffield research group. Its objective is to present the information produced in a friendly language to the target audience, TIX indigenous people and the school community. The work was carried out through periodic meetings and through organising and conversations in the WhatsApp group built with the indigenous representatives that accompanied the process of monitoring the entry and exit of people at the TIX. The information collected refers to each of the six barriers established between June and August 2020. During the meetings various materials were collected: images, videos, audio recordings, Loas (verses) and texts about how the monitoring process was, with its main challenges and repercussions on the Xakriabá way of life.

From these materials, interactive videos are being produced, together with the Xakriabá indigenous community, which tell the story of monitoring. In order to boost the production of the Working Group, a first video was presented at the beginning of the activities. Criticisms and suggestions were made about this pilot video, thus drawing up a thematic list based on the community's internal demands. As a product, an interactive video script about the Xakriabá Indigenous Community Monitoring was developed. The organisation of the video content, the speeches, the translations of complex data into a more tangible language are also part of this joint construction. The expectation is that the material produced will be an important source of information in this process and that it will circulate within the community, in classrooms and at events related to the Xakriabá people. 

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