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WG App(lication) Xacriabá Monitoring

This Working Group had the objective of developing a system to support the community monitoring carried out at the TIX during the Covid-19 pandemic, informing qualified decision-making. To this end, the following solutions were developed:

  • The development of an Application for Android smartphones, to collect data on the movements through the TIX access barriers.

  • The structuring of a database aggregating data on the movements in the TIX, for use in different purposes.


The app was developed in collaboration with TIX representatives, to specify the desired requirements. The implementation was carried out by students from the Information Systems programme at IFNMG Campus Januária. Users will be the Xakriabá involved in the community monitoring process. The application is in the testing phase and will be able to help the Xakriabá in managing their territory. Below you can see some screenshots of the application (in Portuguese).

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