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Sergio Sales Pesca

It is a place of coexistence and indigenous housing that supports those who work selling handicrafts at the Belo Horizonte Crafts Fair and at Praça Sete, where this material is stored.


A community with a recent Indigenous resurgence and two elders who were born and lived in southern Bahia who narrate an oral history of how they came to live in Belo Horizonte and formed their relatives here. It is considered a Gervásio branch in tribute to one of these elders. They are beneficiaries of Vale's Emergency Aid, since have people who lived in the Aldeia Naô Xohã.

Mrs Eline

Indigenous group linked to the Naô Xohã village. They live in the Venda Nova region in Belo Horizonte, Minascaixa District - Parque São Pedro. Their leader comes from Coroa Vermelha – Bahia. They receive Vale' Emergency Aid because they are linked to the Aldeia Naô Xohã.

Cardoso Fiúza

This Pataxó group, which has lived in the urban environment for a long time, comes from the southern region of Bahia – Coroa Vermelha. It counts with at least 20 families who live in the eastern region of Belo Horizonte, in Ibirité, Florestal.

Source: Eni Carajá and Adriana Fernandes Carajá

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