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The Aranã, of reference in the Jequitinhonha Valley, were also confused with the so-called Botocudos, but this indigenous groups are called Aranã Índio and Aranã Caboclo. People who had their territory confiscated, they were settled by Capuchin missionaries in 1873, in the Central Aldeamento Nossa Senhora da Conceição do Rio Doce. Many of these indigenous people suffered and died from contagious diseases when they were in villages.

They live mainly in the Minas Gerais municipalities of Araçuaí, Virgem da Lapa and Coronel Murta, in addition to Alagadiço in Bahia. This group has several projects related to medicinal plants. In the metropolitan region, there are more than 200 people present in the region of Barreiro (Belo Horizonte), Betim, Juatuba, Esmeraldas, Sarzedo, Contagem.

Source: Adriana Fernandes Carajá, Eni Carajá and Pedro Paulo Aranã.

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