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Eder Possidônio de Sousa

Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG)

Xakriabá Indigenous Student of the Physics Degree course at IFNMG Campus Januária. The interest in participating in research focused on the indigenous cause is due to the photo of me being an indigenous person and working as a teacher in an indigenous school. Participating in studies that will contribute in some way to the physical and cultural survival of indigenous peoples, whether in the area of education or in the area of health is of great relevance. In this new pandemic scenario in which we find ourselves, this is especially relevant: the less favored populations, among them the indigenous peoples, are threatened by the lack of effective and contingent public policies. Therefore, understanding indigenous realities and the challenges posed by this new moment is pertinent in order to think about possible actions that may minimize the impacts of the new scenario that we are experiencing.

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