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Yuri Santana Rodrigues

Federal University of Pará (UFPA & UFOPA)

Bachelor in Public Management and Regional Development from the Federal University of Western Pará (2016). Member of the Research Group Right to the City in Santarém-PA, dedicating himself to studies on the Right to the City; Urban planning; Social movements and socio-political processes in the Amazon. Currently, the study that interests him, based on the counter-cartography project, is to understand how the processes of urbanization have been presenting themselves in the dynamics of the lives of traditional populations, in this case, the village of Alter do Chão and PAE Eixo Forte.



RODRIGUES, YS; REIS, ABO. The struggle for the Right to the City in the Amazon: the revision process of the Master Plan of Santarém-PA. 1. ed. São Paulo: Forma Certa, 2019. v. 200. 252p. Available at

REIS, ABO; NOVAK, F.; PEREIRA, TR; PINHO, ERP; RODRIGUES, YS. Urban occupations in the Amazon and new collective subjects: the performance of the Movement of Workers in Struggle for Housing in the city of Santarém-PA. Revista Terceira Margem Amazônia, v. 03, p. 72-86, 2018. Available at

RODRIGUES, YS; REIS, ABO (Org.); PINHO, ERP (Org.); ALVES, LNS (Org.). Cities and Living Well in the Amazon. 01. ed. Santarém: Federal University of Western Pará, 2019. v. 01. 288p. Available at

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